800mg CBD Entourage Oil Spray


CBD Entourage oil spray is an extremely effective and efficient way to consume CBD. The CBD is absorbed quickly and effectively by spraying under the tongue, giving you excellent results. The CBD Entourage oil spray also includes some of the other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant making it highly effective.

  • 20ml bottle
  • 800mg of CBD + CBDa Per 20ml bottle
  • 0.16ml of CBD oil per spray
  • 6.4mg of CBD per spray

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800mg CBD Entourage Oil Spray – 20ml Bottle

Our phenomenal CBD Entourage oil spray uses a mixture of different cannabis strains and combines them with some of the other natural components in the medical marijuana plant to make the CBD as effective as possible, giving you the best results. This means that we can concentrate fully on the natural sources and not be marred by nasty chemicals.

What`s in our CBD Entourage Oil Spray?

The range of cannabinoids found in our 800mg CBD Entourage oil spray include:

  • CBD
  • CBDA
  • CBG

Our 800mg CBD Entourage oil spray also includes the following terpenes:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene

Our 20ml CBD Entourage oil spray bottle will give you:

  • 800mg CBD and CBDA
  • That`s 0.16ml CBD oil or 6.4mg CBD per spray

We recommend that you take 1-2 sprays of CBD Entourage oil, 3-4 times a day, under the tongue and preferably with food.

Naturally Grown and Extracted

The only ingredients in our CBD Entourage oil spray are cannabis extract and olive oil – all 100% natural and with no chemicals. We don`t allow artificial fertilizers, nasty chemicals, or other pesticides or herbicides on our farms, our CBD products are vegan and lactose friendly and we even use the CO2 method to extract the CBD – meaning no solvents and it being the safest method.

What You Need to Know

  • Ingredients – Cannabis Extract, Olive Oil
  • Contains negligible amounts of THC
  • This CBD Entourage Spray Oil is intended for oral use only – it cannot be vaporised
  • The CBD Entourage oil is a food supplement


The Entourage Oil is our extraordinary CBD spray of different cannabis strains, which are picked for their various cannabinoid content. By joining different kinds of cannabis grown in various places we have tried to boost the potential benefits of the cannabis plant.

We call this “The Entourage Effect“

The idea of the Entourage Effect was brought about by Raphael Mechoulam, the man who initially found THC and CBD. He proposed that cannabis mixes, for example, CBD work better when taken together. At the end of the day, a legitimate cannabis concentrate ought to be more successful than CBD gone up against its own.

We thought this was a good idea so we made up a CBD oil in with this in mind. Through the span of three years, we’ve been blending lots cannabis oils with an end goal to achieve The Entourage Effect.

That is the objective of the Entourage Oil: to achieve The Entourage Effect and to deliver the Ultimate CBD oil Cocktail.


There are only two ingredients in the Entourage Oil:

  • Cannabis Extract
  • Olive Oil

Keep it straightforward and keep it natural: that is our goal.

What’s more, we would prefer not to wreck the natural goodness of our CBD oil with chemicals and flavourings.


Every CBD spray of Entourage Oil contains a full range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDA and CBG. It contains lots of Terpenes are the compounds in cannabis that make up the renowned cannabis effect: they’re fundamentally cannabis essential oils.

Some of the terpenes in our CBD oil are Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Caryophyllene.


We have found customers preferred CBD sprays as they are easier to use, less likely to leak and cover more surface area under your tongue.


  • Ingredients: Cannabis Extract, Olive Oil
  • Suggested Usage: 1-2 sprays under the tongue 3-4 times daily, ideally with food.
  • Contains very little traces of THC.
  • Our cannabis is grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals.
  • Our Entourage Oil is Vegan and Lactose Friendly.
  • The Entourage Oil is extracted without the use of solvents. We use CO2 Extraction, which is considered the safest method of extraction. With CO2 extraction, warm air is passed over the cannabis flowers until the cannabinoid oils are released.
  • Please Note: This oil cannot be vaporised. It is intended for oral use only.
  • The Entourage Oil is a food supplement.