Love CBD E-Liquid: Indica – 250mg

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We’ve created Indica CBD E-Liquid for vapers enjoy the benefits of CBD. Indica CBD E-Liquid can be vaped from any electronic cigarette. The unique aroma of the Indica CBD E-Liquid created from terpenes is incredible. Bringing all of the authentic smells and flavours in cannabis to your e-cigarette.

  • Contains 250mg of CBD
  • Infused e-liquid with Indica Terpenes
  • 10ml of CBD e-liquid Per Bottle
  • E-Liquid base: 50% PG, 50% VG, CBD, Terpenes
  • Only use our e-liquid for vaping

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Love CBD E-Liquid: Indica – 250mg CBD – 10ml Bottle

If you are a vaper, our Love CBD e-liquid is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. It can be used with any e-cigarette and the liquid is specially made to give you the smells and flavours of cannabis. Our fantastic Indica e-liquid is perfect for relaxing and night time use.

What`s in our Love CBD E-Liquid?

We have been careful not to let any nasty chemicals or solvents get into your Love CBD e-liquid. The farms which produce the CBD don`t use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or chemicals, and we use the CO2 method to extract the CBD instead of harmful solvents.

One 10ml bottle will give you 250 mg of CBD

We have added Indica cannabis to the CBD to get the best effect for you. As you will be vaping, we recommend that you use the e-liquid as required.

What is Indica?

There are two types of cannabis plant – Indica and Sativa. The sativa plant usually has lower CBD and higher THC and is the type of plant that will make you want to be active and creative. The Indica plant usually has higher CBD and lower THC and is the type of plant that will make you relax and wind down. We want you to get the benefits of the Indica plant and that`s why we have added in the Indica strain`s terpenes.

What You Need to Know

  • Ingredients – E-Liquid Base (50% Propylene Glycol, 50% Vegetable Glycerin), CBD, Terpenes
  • Does not contain THC
  • This Love CBD e-liquid is for vaping use only